Welcome to the Project Pura Forum

Thanks for joining the Project Pura forum!

If you’ve come across this forum, but don’t know what Project Pura is, check out projectpura.com.

This forum is a place for members of our community to come together and discuss topics important to them. This place is a little more exclusive than the app. To gain access to most of the forum you’ll need a premium subscription.

How to Join

Go to Project Pura | Premium and add a subscription. We’ll grant you access to the forum. If someone else from your company has a subscription, you can get access as well! Just send a message to @Shaun and we’ll get you access.

If you need help with any of these steps or want more information about our Premium plan, you can send a message to Shaun.

Once you have access to the forum, you can get started by introducing your company in the Listing category. You’ll find our other members there as well!

Let’s make an impact together! :green_heart::muscle: